Revolving Around My World


Yesterday aku keluar pergi Alamanda .  And im having my Shibuya Toast for my meal . Yummy . HEHE . Anyone that never ever put your toungue to taste this delicious sensation , should try it . Shibuya toast is extremely SEDAP . HAHA

Yesteray i hangout with Murni. Since she will be leaving first to the Matrix , i decided to spent time with her . And yeah i miss her hella much . And will be . We have fun . Going to Starbucks , eating our McDonald's burger and doing something else . HAHA . And yeah , semalam Alamanda air-con was not functioning properly. It was hella HOT.

And ya know what ya know what . My mom bought me this one beautiful blouse . She said its for my new fashion . Kononnya Im already an adault , I need to change my attire to more professional looks . HAHA Defuq ?

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