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Salam .

Its been like so long since i last blogged . Its nearly 2 month , and i neglected my duty as the author . Haih -.- Sometimes , rasa macam nak delete je blog ni . But , awww its a waste . This blog contains so many of my hear-warming , heart-racing and heart-attack moments . And i love every bits of those . Sayang kalau terus lenyap je kan ?  Benda tu semua like my treasure box .Ok,finish grumbling..

Oh My Famous Amos. How cute he can be? 
After im getting myself a super CUTE boyfriend , i will surely bring extra hair pins with me . So i can clip his hair like Kai did . Isn't Kai looking super extra adorable like that . Like a baby . Oh i forgot , he is Exo baby anyway . Haha . Oh Imagination gone wild.

And i noticed something . Kai is really such a sleepyhead . And its dem friggin cute . I've never been cute when im sleepy . Boo me

And did you notice that I intend to post like extra humongous picture instead write more? Yeah you caught me baby . Im such a lazy ass typer . I'm wicked . Haha Placing long draggy text with adorably cute Kai's picture . HAHA. I didn't even tweet a lot lately . Need to tweet back . 

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