A Whole New World

(this picture makes me look fat //eventho i am\\ . Still this one is my fav coz it has my fav person in it)

OH HAHA , HEY folks . Happy New Year !
[i know i'm pretty late on wishing here , but yeah whatever]

Welcome to 2012

May all your wishes will come true upon every of your pray to the Almighty .Keep the faith and always believe in yourself. Don't give up on your new year wishlist thou' you may realize those wishes will not come true. Whats not and whats yes is not for us to decide . Try harder to achieved your wish . I know i will and i hope you too . Be happy because you got to experienced another year in your life. InsyaAllah .May Allah bless you guys and have a wonderful new year~

And yeah like always , Mr 2012 
Please Be Extra Nice 

oh he is here to greet you A Happy New Year Too

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