Kimi Ni Todoke

I friggin know that Miura Haruma is so HOT . That is why i can't get enough of him .
I know this is so last two years ago but re-watching this movie again makes me think how beautiful love is

Howdy people ?

Been fine? Eh eh wait a second.

OMGeeeeeeeeeeee . Its been so long since i last update on this blog and im so happy that i finally found my time to update it . //Its my sin for not accomplish my duty as your owner , Mr Bloggie. Im sorry\\ -.-

Haha aku cakap macam lah ramai yang dok baca blog aku ni . Pfft .  *ForeverLonely*

Ohoh and  yeah this will be so random but ,

I finally getting over him . Him as my ce-crushh . HAHA . Yeah i guess it was lame of me for hoping something will come out of our relationship .I guess i am the one to be blame .For being such a simple-minded girl . For expecting you will reply my feeling back .I mean it can't be help ,right? When you fall in love with somebody , everything seems so possible .
Ahhh , how foolish i am. For misunderstood your action towards me . I almost forgot that you treat me the same with everybody else. Your kindness just blind me for a second . But now ,Im awake .
You know , you are the first guy that i ever love. I mean , i do like some guys before . But that just a simply a puppy crush. With you is different , i like the warmth when i am with you . But pffftt , that just my own feeling . Ignore that ..
#Talking about youngster hormones~ I guess my emotion really not stable rite now. (typing while sobbing hard) Te-hee bye bye my 3 years of crush.
I need to find a guy like Kazehaya LMAO

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