Trial Marks

Hello folks ,  my intention of writing today is to show you guys my not-so-good trial results. Hihi.
I will write so much nagging today , what im not satisfied and vice versa with.

(you aint need a magnifier , just click the darn picture)

There's a reason why this picture is highlighted in so many colors.Don't smirks . You dont have any idea how strict the marking was . I can't be so all goody and whiny to the teacher to upgrade my marks , right ? Im not that kind of girl . I dont want to be called the teacher's black dog .

So , i don't asked the teacher to upgrade my marks . Unless my answer is correct and its the teacher fault//mistakes on marking . That's the only time  when i asked the teachers to higher my marks up .  Tini and Tina said  // Lagi bagus kalau result kau teruk time trial , daripada teruk waktu SPM . Apa guna result trial lagi okay dari SPM  \\ I guess there is relevant in what they said .


  • Bahasa Malaysia . I got B+ for my BM . Sheeesh , what a whore . But seeing the grading marks , i can still accepted this . The previous marking scale was  70+ is A . So , i can still upgrade my marks. Puan Sri asked us to score for 75 and above to got an A . It was a close call . Two more marks dudeee.
  • Sejarah . Ohooooo . This is so not happen . 60 and above is B . How come the school change the grade so sudden .I got C for 62 ? This is soo unfair . Im not happy with this .  I want the old grade scale.Puan Sri is such a meaniee
  • Additional Science. Same issue as BM . I know i can do better . Besides , AddSc is one of my best subjects after all :)


  • Additional Mathematic:- Please exclude this on my results list . Im sure you know how i feel like , right ?Add Math is such a sucker for your grading . I got 40. For god sake , its on the dot . A safety line .  Why i can't go further than this . I too don't have the answer. Sigh
Kedudukan dalam kelas - 1 / 19  ^^
Kedudukan dalam tingkatan - 18 / 131 .(my status quo is falling down . DOWNNN. I used to be 9th)
But on the bright side , i still got a whole month to keep on struggling . So , i wil..


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