My Love ones

Currently this is my facebook default picture Ateef :>

7th of October , it was the best outing for the month . HIHI , i miss going out with them so muchhooo. God , please make SPM go by faster so that i can enjoy myself with my friends without any worries. Thank You .

Ya know ya know , last friday we went to Alamanda for my birthday celebration . And it was super fun . We eat ,we sing , we play and laugh .

How i miss this. How i miss eating at TGI's with these silly girls and share the foods among us .
Haha , my beby Tina really can sleep in a loud place. We sing together a lot.Who cares if our voices sounds horrible? We simply live our moments.
Iddin is my forever childish Mr Bean and Wan is forever my sweet voice friend.
And Megat Ateef is forever my punching bag



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