KPOP Award - Coming Soon

His impact is 10 times bigger than SNSD HOOT arrows

I literally head over heels in love with B1A4. Their song Beautiful Target make me feel like i am the target and i am beautiful.*Every girl deserve to be beautiful. Am not the one that stated that , it was Salena Gomez (JB gf ) with her song Errr Beautiful Who Says i think ?

Bwahaha,i know i know.For the fact that those two songs is not dedicated for me , i dont give a slightest damn care about it .Am never let my ass bothered by it . Its a free world. I can imagine anything i want,aite? Wild imagining is my hobby.*TROLOL. Okay , i am not a pervert . Dont get me wrong people . I might get sued for unsuitable under age content .Pfft .

Okay, back to the title people. Yeah,i decided to make a couple or more of kpop award.This time definetly not B2ST (here) again.I decided to make awards for someone else.Im thinking about IN-FI-NITEU and B1A4 .Oh ,dont bash me.Cuz i am totally spazzing over these two groups.They are my current Top Rank-ers .HAHA . But yeah,like the title,its coming soon . Im going to make it later . (Still got one more trial paper to go) .After i finished it i will post the awards to mahh blog . So , watch out KPOP-ers. Cuz i will attack your blog tagboard / shoutbox with these KPOP Award notification. Mueheheheheh .*Try on right clicking . It's my expression right now*

Oh yeah , as a BONUS, my JOKER :-

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