BANA and B1A4 award

Hello ebelibadi,
Hoho ,its been a long time since the last time i did my kpop award . Im so excited . FunFunFun *Rebecca Black inter-frame here .LOL , crappy things alert!

Okayokayokay ,back to the title people. Hee , like I've promised before , i made this award exclusively for B1A4 fans out there (Y) . We are on the same boat people . We love them , that's why we appreciated them right ? I know I do . As a sign of gratitude toward them , i made this award for them. I know I know , they might not see this but who knows , aite ? Maybe they will ,maybe they don't . God's will //Amin\\
If you taking this award , i assume you already know what they call us ,aite ? I mean, our official name as their fans . Yup, BANA we are . Am proud to be one too ~ Do you ? Hey guys , did you heard that their second mini album , receive an explosive attention . WOW , that's a big achievement . To be able become famous all over the world with one song is a great success . To be able to strike their fans heart over one song is amazing . And they succeed did that just for a few months after they debut . BANA , make sure you show our gratitude through this award,okay ?

So, here we go-

Answer few questions first okay (normalprotocol)

1. What are the members full name ?
2. When did they make their debut ?
3. What is their debut song ?

Simple as ABC , right ? If you are a true BANA ,im sure you know the answers for this questions

Kapopers , beware . I will attack all of yours shotbox Outsider are allowed to take this , but AT LEAST , inform me . Pls Respect me as the creator , will ya ?:)
p/s : JINYOUNG is mine


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