2011 Raya Celebration

On 15th of September , SMK Putrajaya Precint 11(1) having their school raya fest .And i,as one of the citizen of that school going to report the activities during that one whole day of feast.

te-hehehe , They all looks like dork. I dont care whether they are or not.They are still the Khalduns that i love dearly.My classmates and my siblings.

Am the type of girl that enjoy my school life to the fullest . I love my friend and i care for them. Being together like this , make me realize how strong our friendship bonds are . And im glad for that , actually . For these past year and a half , i realized how hard i try to fit into their communities when the first time i came here. It was like a new world tome. But then after a few weeks , i know that i dont need to even try . We became like one family after a few weeks together.They seems so different than other kids in my previous school. They are rather .. warm. Excepting me . Admit me as one of their members .We do sometimes quarrel . But we forget it easily . We started to tease each other and cracking jokes among ourselves, back to normal state of we are.And im glad . Im glad that they are my classmates and my siblings.Not other , but them.

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