Violet Rays

Please just turn your head and ignore this part of post , im sure, it will bore you . Thank You
Dear Mister Good Looking Blog ,
i am sorry for not to be able spare time for you . Hehe . Its been like hella long time since i last typed on you .How long ah ? Never mind , dont force yourself to count those freaking countless days of me astray you . So sorry . But then again , i am sure you understand me , aite? SPM is important to me . I need to study to score those killing-me subjects .And if im not able to score the marks that already been decide by my mom ,i don't think she will let me play with you again,EVER .Shesshh.

Hey hey , Pwahaha #Whats with my cheerful greetings?
Today is the 14th of Ramadhan , and surprisingly i dont feel as exhausted nor hungry as last year? Oho ,dont even get me talk about last year fasting month . I practically dead during those time. Having to be in the school for 9 hours is killing me. 7 until 5 - every monday to thursday i live by forcing myself stares blankly at the books .#I was a living zombie , a cute one . LOL Come on , be reasonable, its Ramadhan ppl. But amazingly , this year is so much better . After month of month of tear jerking and bone crashing , i think i managed to live well as a normal high school teens . Oh ,did i tell you , this year Ramadhan is somehow quite meaningful to me . I somehow managed to spend my time breaking fast with my love one . And the feeling of happiness is cannot be describe .

So , my trials is just around the corner . Instead of reading my school books , my teacher told me to read some novels to improve more of my soft skills . Dear teacher , iam not interested with novels.Especially corny and cheesy one .Thank You . #it makes my fingers goes curling up . Last novel i have read probably the novels of Enid Blytons. Oh , adventures , how i love that .Sorry teach , i just seems not be ableto fulfill your expectations.
But hey again , i am one of your best english students.#oh ,i know how im pretty good at annoy peoples out

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