TOP 10 #Hooray

Yeah this show how much INSPIRIT I am :-

Dear Bloggie ,
I have proof to the world that getting addicted to KPOP is not a bad thing . Need an alibi ? Oho , im a kpop lover and unexpectedly i managed to do very very very well in my studies. I've been ranked as the top 10 student of my school .Mansae!
Okay , listen my school is one of the Sekolah Bestari , and to score on the top 10 is like a big achievement to me .Dontcha think so ? HAHA , Its okay to be arrogant ,snobbish and proud of this thing, right? LOL #ignore me if you find it quite annoying .

Oh yeah , i'm gonna be awarded Anugerah Pengetua Cemerlang // Dean'sList (Anugerah Dekan) for my tremendous result . HIHI. Hooray for me . So ,its proven right ? Im liking KPOP never affected my studies.In fact , it made my study more easier . Example , study History notes by converted it to KPOP songs .Yes i do it all the time. HAHA, it seems useful though .


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