I literally make a fool out of myself today. Seeing Myungsoo like this , really remind me of Yoo Jiae.I think he really fall for her lil sister~

Do you ever get the feeling that people is staring at you ? You know , if someone is staring at you , deeply .. i Repeat DEEPLY , for sure you will get goosebumps. #Stalker, huh ? I feel it today , when i caught Rasenah is looking at me in one strange un satisfying way . Her wrinkled eyes seems tell me ,' ha!i know you will break the school rules again '.Her mischievous yet scary smile really make people think that she is one hella strange retarded woman . #Im sorry . Dude , that really give me a jolt over my body. Creepy . She is something , i tell you . Never mess with her .And here is some token , if you ever see her- make sure you try your best to avoid her .

Once she aim for you ,you will be her prisoner for life. Believe me .Oh , she has a nickname too,a cool one . RNR ,stands for Rasenah and Rotan . I find it amusing everytime i said it.Oh crap, i'm losing my bless as a student. Oh well , who cares.She has a lot of antis anyway .I don't think i'm the only one that been mocking her from behind.Err, am i ? Next time if she messing with me again , i will make sure i let out a big yelp for help. Haha .Joking~

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