Activating it back

Salam .

Okay here's the deal . Im going to activate back my FanFiction. As you guys already know , i already told you guys im in the middle of creating ff .Haha ,so i thought re-activate it back . Okay, dont laugh.
If you can see the date, the last date was on May 20. Pfft . Haha , im such a lazy-ass woman .

So yeah , i have decided to keep on writing back . My old blog already been demolished and been replaced to this baby blog . (Baby blue ,my favorite) Haha . My new ff blog is so pureee . TROLOLOL. I'll decorate it later ,so yeah whatever .And yeah , the ff is made when im head over heels in love with Joker. So the hero is him . Pfft , daaa obviously .The heroin WAS Jiyeon .Thats when i realize there so many people writing ff with Jiyeon as their main character . Haha , so yeah . I decided to replace it with Na Eun . Since im so loving her with Junhyung in the Beautiful MV #GoToHellWithGooHara. Its no harm to get them back together , right? Haha . So yeah here is one of my early piece . Do enjoy folks.

Oh yeah , happy becoming Eid , ebelibadi :P

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