Update Facts .

I have not yet check my PLKN result
  • why ? Im afraid , maybe.
  • Why should i be afraid ? Pfft think yourself lah.
  • Living in a blue stripes uniform everyday every hour is suffocating
  • Im not a fit person
  • All my nerves will be in PAIN .
  • And that's hurt . I hate feeling HURT
  • I dont want to leave my family behind.
  • I'll get HUNGRYY and Hungrierrr.
  • When im hungry , i'm pissed
  • Believe me , you wouldn't want to see that.
  • If i checked ,it will ruin my mood to study.
  • If my study is ruined i will get ax by mom.
  • Believe me , i think she would.
  • I might die if i went there.
  • I will miss my mom's cook
  • I want to see my mom everyday.
  • Im a sissy?Ouh yeah , i am:)
  • I whine a lot . Yeah , thats me.Deal with it.

What im trying to say is . Im just a toddler . I cant endure all the pain and bashes i will get there.

Copyright by Amalina Mursiedy