wrinkles forhead

Thats what i felt when i first heard the songs under genre KPOP .

Yeah , lately i've been so absent minded . Need to refresh my thought again:

  • He's not the one . Get over him .
  • OMG , i got a bunch of hols homework to do
  • On second thought ,naa . Let it be . There is still time.
  • Eh , but .. im not free during these 2 weeks . Gonna do it tonight. Yosh
  • And oh , i think i hava improves a lot better in my weak subject . Example , History and Additional Math .
  • I hate veggie so much like i hate holding a frog
  • i dont dislike pink .
  • imma bookworm.LOL
  • I like reading mangaka.
  • Im an otaku maybe?

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