Unexpected Encounters

Hello folks , haha .Today ekceli i need to accompany my big bro for his check-up at Hospital Serdang . Yeah , because of his SLE disease tu . After that , straight to Institut Jantung Negara . My lil sista ada check-up jugak . Yeah , dia ada masalah sikit with her heart . Tapi time dia kecik dulu , skrng dah tak ada . But still , she needs to have her heart check by doctor at least once every two years . So , yeah , tadi dia punye first checkup dia since 2009(her last one).

After that , kitorang sepatutnye terus gerak ke Chenor , Pahang nak melawat kampung . But suddenly got emergency call from along's doctor .He needto be warded tomorrow.Its nothing serious.Cume doktor ckp dia punye disease dah jadi aktif balik . So , better prevent awal kan? Yes , you can google SLE if you dont know what it is . Its a FATAL disease actually - only if you dont get an early treatment . But , alhamdulillah - we trace it early (it was during last year Eid) and he is in the process of healing .

So , yeah . Now , here i am. Patah balik dari IJN ke Putrajaya , tak jadi pegi Chenor :'(

Copyright by Amalina Mursiedy