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OMG , hubby .I know how much you hate acting cute . But believe me, you are the cutest.

Okay, since im in the middle of boredom ,im gonna do this . Thanks to mah lovely AIDAb for this awesome award .Actually i was late . Tadi strolling check shoutbox and tertinggal tag yang dia bagi . Sorry ^^. I'll do it now ,dun worry.

1 . Namakan Top 5 Nampyeon Korang :)

Lee Joon ( Muscly Dummy)
Choi Minho
Lee JungShin
Shin Dongho

2 . Kenapa Korang Minat dyer ?

LOL ,obvious answer . Because they are so friggin hawt and yeah Cu-uute. But thats not it , i love themsincerely tho.

3 . Namakan 5 Lagu Yang Paling Korang OBSES

I like you the best by B2ST
0330 by Ukiss
Love Girl by CNBlue
Hello Hello by FTIsland
Currently Please by Kim Hyun Joong

4 . Upload 1 Picture Nampyeon Yang Paling Korang Minat ?


5 . Sape Yang Korang Nak Jumpa ?

I dont know , since i have met JOKER twice and of course my third on 1st of July , insyaallah.
Maybe i want to meet Jungshin :) He is so dorkable.

6 . Ape Yang Ada Dia ?

A tall man that i can cling on ? Bwahaha

7 . Selain Dari Top 5 Korang Sape Lagi ?

Lee Geun Seuk. So pretty smexy-lixious baby.

8. Post Satu Video Yang Paling Korang Suka

Just google B2st and search under tag Video . There you go , my very own favorite video(s)

9 . If korang berpeluang jumpa dyer ape korang akan buat ?

Haha , scrwaming hella out and yeah a sneak kiss* pervert . Haha

10 . Tagkan Kepada :
Korean fans . And yeah a girl , of course. Its NAMPYEON , anyway.

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