A Date with Anuar Zain

Aku dapat jumpa Anuar Zain dekat-dekat . Kau ada? Bwahaha

Yup , 20th of May 2011 , i went to my mother's office dinner . Saja nak menyibuk kat situ. Haha , and fortunately my mom is the boss , so yeah . We got the bestest place ever , in front of the stage , of coz. Heee - saja nak post ni , sebab dah lama tak update , berhabuk dah tu. Thuihhhh-. haha. p/s, Anuar voice was mesmerizing people and can make all gals in awe . Seriously , if he wasnt that old, i would go and be his girlfriend. Bo-hoooooo. Oh yeah , did i mentioned, his wink is the hottest event of the day ,at least for me. HAHA

Yeah , he is tall and gorgeous.*wink


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