B2uty and the beast 2

Hey peeps,
so , referring to the title above , yeah . finally , i manage some times to make a new award - and of course for my beloved B2uties chingus. Hee , i only have a short time here before i go outing and have fun - shouting and jumping . So , here lets go for nothing , babyy
Since our oppas have made a successful career being our heroes , yeah i present this from us(b2uties) as a gratitude towards them for making our lives more cheerful and happy with those songs of yours.

For all those hard work B2st have done to rise their name , together let us spread all the B2uty love out there okay? For them to become famous as now , really need a lots of tears and sweat . For that , lets all be their faithful backbone to support them all the way till the end.And yeah , being a successful and world public figure is not that simple . But , its ony took them in a couple of year to achieved this amazing winning. CONGRATULATIONS!

But yeah , as usual , like always please answer a few questions . Not too exaggerate but just to show the peoples out there how a true B2UTY we are :)

  • 1. Make one quote best to describe the friendship between B2uty and B2st
  • 2. What will you do if someone bash our oppas?
  • 3. If you have a beau , will you leave them aside and go lovey dovey with yr bf/gf ? Why?
  • 4. What the title of their debut song and when it was release?

FINISH , simple as ABC right?And yeah a must do thing to be complete - tag as many people you want . But yeah , a true B2uty of course.I;ll tag some people i know that enjoys B2st songs. And yeah do inform me if you taking this award okay? Lemme know your quote of the day .Anticipate it

And yeah for my previous B2st award , you also can have it . its on my sidebar. Take it as you pleasee.
today is the 28th , its the D-Day:D

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