Assalamualaikum ,

Hoo. Dah lama gila tak update blog ni . Phuhhhh -berhabuk seinci nampaknya . Haha ,yeah . I've been busy like forever . Theres my peka to catch up . My ujian lisan to be finished bymidterm. My oral too. -__________- And currently too busy preparing for my class enterpreneur day . I need to prepare for my rumah hantu . Ciss . Im heaving so much headache lately . oh , NEED.ASPRIN.ASAP !
But thats not the point of today post . Te-heee . Jeng jenggg . Nampak gambar kat atas?Nampak tak? Nampak tak? AHA , Yeah it is . The three line of SUPRA's up there belong to me , my big brother and of course my lil sis .Our mom just bought this for us this afternoon. We having our lunch at The Mines . And dad want to stroll looking for a watch booth . He needs to repair his watch . Something wrong with his batteries. And we pass by floor by floor. Mom wants to buy herself an IPad 2 . But takde yang kenan dek mato lah katokann. -.- Such a waste . Banyak yang cantik , but harga pon cantik . Ibu nak cari harga murah , boleh jimat ea? HAHA

As we passed by this shop call ECHO PARK . Have heard about it ? Im sure you have if you live in Kuala Lumpur provinces . Usually , Echo Park banyak kat kawasan tu . Haha . And ka-booom . The shop was on sale . My brother the one that recognize the Supra. And it was on SALE. SALE , baby .
Haha , heret ayah and ibu . Dapat lah tiga bijik kasut besar tu yang boleh membunuh seekor anjing (kot?) Hahah. Ibu and Ayah , Thank you sooooo much . I love you guys . We all loves you guys. and its a lot of loveeee from us. HAHA. Thank you for spending a huge amount of money for us :))

And among those three , this one is mine:)


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