Love Like This

Hello Baby [ supa dupa diva ].
I just love how they pose. Oh yeah not only the pose. Everything about them is my favourite :)

Its been like weeks since i last updated my dear hubby bloggie? How are you, Mr Bloggie? Dah berhabuk dah hah. Such a mess.Oh yeah , currently im too busy handling with stuff such as:-
  • Enterprenuer day that will be held on my school on April
  • Being a guru muda for Additional Science subject is not that hard , im getting by it
  • Revision for my mid term
  • Catching up Sejarah subject-
  • My sejarah teacher is diagnose with BREAST CANCER - so she is under treatment . And no one is teaching us for sejarah
  • Im collecting costume for enterpreneur day and currently our class decided to do Haunted House Class

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