Teachers always jealous of students and never let them feel the joy of HOLIDAY.
My homework is packed and i need to move my ass off to the school for next one week. I mean yeah , while everybody enjoying their hols , my school pupil-which is me and my friend need to attend some kind of crappy tuition .
*attention teachers , if you by any chance read this - just let this matter go . Assumed that im mad that i cant even control my emotion . THANK YOU :)
Thank GOD i still have my friend , or else it will be boring as hell , i tell ya ! Funky and loud friend do make my day . Oh , i love you friend <3>
Oh now , i want to being a baby and tattle tale to you guys bout ma hw:-
1. I got Math handout to be finished -containing about 6 sheet i think.
2. Science too , luckily sikit.
3. ICT - SPM assignment . This one memang leceh . I need to google about the info . The meaning and etc. It will be take about one month -i think.
4. SPS - Science Process Skill book need to be completely done
5. Note Agama and Sejarah , too -______________-"

Someone , just make me fainted or something so i can pass this week with my eyes shut . HAHA (that will be dying , in other words)

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