KPOP tag

This picca is always been a great lullaby to me I wish i was yoseob . No ,i wish i was the photographer . So i can keep the picture as my personal collection . LOL

Oho , guess what , guess what ? I got a tag from someone i-dont-know . Its from my mail .Someone probably spam it to me when they know imma kpop fandom . Thanks anyway . You send it to the right person . Im a kpop addict cum lunatic fans .I mean ,i am a REAL FANDOM . Not such a hypocrites lil meanie that say he/she a fan but failed to pronounce our idol name correctly.
EXAMPLE : SUPER JUNIOR leader - She/ He (someone that i know) pronounce it as Lee-Tiyuk instead of Lee- Teuk(Tuk)-.- Shesssh

But since i dont have that much of time ,i'll do it later okey , honey?
Dont be so harsh .Be considerate .I got a lot of things to settle down first . Likemy additiona lmathematics lesson that getting harder day by day i learnt it :) I know you will understand me . K. Bye

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