Stuff you dont need to know

Examinations . The first reaction when i heard those word came out from our principle mouth are GROANS and MOANS . Why the examination is a must 'activity' in one school .

1. Studying your asses off - somewhat turned to be an utterly boring thing.

2. Excel in next week- March test is currently not my priority. The words ' its not worth it ' keep banging my minds from studying .

3. 1000 WORDS of essay need to be passed up by this week? And the lame titled on it- Thank You teacher .Dont get the wrong idea . I hate this typo of essay . Annoying and gave people a hard time to done it.Oh , do i forget to mention ? Its obligatory/compulsory .

4. Do you know that every year , students commit suicide to school stress and examinations? Woah ,i would love to not end up like that.A rectangular piece of sheet need to be scribbled in ease mind , people- during examinations of coz.

5. (The Band Perry - If i die young)tune keep on playing in my head . Shessh ,would i be the hero of the song?

Oh , yes . I am now currently conflicting with my inner soul . I seems to be okay , but my acting been weird . HAHA . Okay , Do i like him ? Or Do i like him? LOL . Maybe not . My heart dont pound around him -like all the novels described . We pound so hard if we love the man . Such a bullshit .

p/s: I bold the words that keep bothering me . Eh ,i have an public speaking tomorrow , btw . XOXOX

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