Lip Stains

Assalamualaikum , sayangku sekalian :) Ecececehhh

Hee- so tired , Baru balik dari program skor A yang ntah pape tu . Then decide nak online , ushar mengusyarr update KPOP yang dah lama ditinggalkan tu . OHO.

Oh yeah , Co-Ed School , sub-group is 5dolls , aite? They debut with their song featuring pink old man , JAY PARK in it ~ Lip Stains is cool! The song is friggin aweeesome.HAHA

Ok , that pink old men really bring abck old memories. Miss ya , shorty

That dance , that body and that movement of you nearly make me screaming on top of my lungs . Nasib baik ibu ada disebelahhh. HAHA . Anyway , ya guys shuld watch it and extra point if you downloaded the MP3 . Bcoz , its worth ittttt

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