Leeteuk-Eunhyuk & Arab Week

Today - last day for Arab week for my school. So , the ibnu-sina's pupil prepare a presentation about how to speak Arab. yeah , actually at first i quite bored hearing this stuff. Bcoz ya know ,i never interested in this any kind of stuff . Although i respect who that can speak arab fluently.
they showed me this video. The presentator said : Cuba tengok orang korea berbahasa Arab . Straightly ,my head went like 90 degree to x=y line . LOL , a lil add math here?*

impresive huh? Jealous much . And since the moment my eyes set on leetuk and eunhyuk , i started give out a tiny scream while my fingers pointed on the screen.My eyes start to get round . Woahh , they are suberb man . Evenn Teukie and Hyukkie can speak Arab better than me. Embarrassed man! LOL .Btw , those Arab ascent they sound of , is totally cuteee. I loikeeee .Those who antis- with KPOP , get lost because i loathe ya guys .I mean , KPOP dont harm any of us , so leave it as they are lahh . Tak payah nak sebok-sebok cot cet sana sini , kutuk depaaa.

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