Hoho , remember the one that i used to mention earlier - about the tag yang malas nak buad tu .Okey , here we goes . Now ready get set , go!

Name three hot idol-artist guys/girls that you like:

-Currently , Kim Soo Hyun
-I wont be meanie because i like them all , B2ST
- Miss A's Suzy :)

Upload one of you all time favorite idol image

Who do you want to personally meet?

- OHO , my mission accomplish already . Actually twice , with the B2st members , of coz!

Have you ever fantasized that you will be the idol gf/bf

-Woah ,that will be A MUST! Pleasee- every girl in the world would daydreaming about hugging , talking , holds hand and snogging *perverted*:face56: with them

What do you like about them ?

-Kim Soo Hyun - because he is innocent-like , cute but have this manly vibe on him.
-B2st- Do i need to tell you? Its a must thing lah weyh! They are perfect in every looking aspect , , except they are not rich. LMAO
-Miss A's Suzy - She's talented and pretty.

Lastly , post one of your favorite video by your fav idol

-Google on youtube and search the word B2st , every video of them is my fav.

Ops ,last step before it over . Tag to your friends-

Siapa nak amik je lah . And i'll past it to your guys on your shoutbox*KPOP addict of coz

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