Japanese homestay programe on school

Heyyloww . OHO .Yeah i have a bunch of hot stories.here.Panas panaasss .
Okey , although im now not the part of Ttdi jaya school student still ,im gonna share their fun and joy time together here at my blog . Because i know that my besties Iman is too lazy to update anything on her blog .On behalf of her ,i'll tell ya what happened on 17 February which is 3 day ago.Hahah
Omooooo~ Okey here the story . On that date, TTDI school been visited by kawaii japanese guy - i think its a homestay program. And look at him , such a hottie. HAHA . Now, i regret for moving school, dont ya think so?

Oh , saya cilok gamba ni dari album membe .Mianhae Gomene~

These boys are my favs.Actually banyak lagi japanese guy yang kawaii-malas nak upload and carik dari dorng semua.HAHA :P

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