Close yet far

Dear God , thank you for giving me this chance to update my beloved bloggie~ :face50:

Sheesh - like so longgg ago since i've been update my blog, rite ? Oh wait , CNY is the last one . Lol . Its hard you know , for not to be able to online . The desire to touch the keyboard is urging .But what to do? what to do? So bead--zyy with all the studies and stuffs(?) Dont get the wrong weird thought in minds people . HAHA , i aint that kind of girl next door.

Oh yeah , now that i think about it , i should enjoy as much as i can when im younger . Now , the pressure is all on me . How cruel is that ? People getting all wissy hissy whenever we dont study , hang-outing or dont study , just because we are SPM candidate.
Common folks , even us need some rest sometimes . Eg: Prime Minister still need his day off ,right?

My ear dah lali with 'Pergi Belajar! Awak dah nak SPM ' LOL , Its aint my mom. Its somebody else. Thats the weirdest part ever . Why busy getting nosy about my activities and doing , aite?
Why bother taking care of others kid ?LMAO .My mom is always the expert in knowing me , she know i cant be forced to study . The thing just wont fit right in mind if im being forced or been told . Correction , i dont like bossy people - eventho im sometimes have that awful characteristic in me.

Okey , enough .NO BABBLING HERE. I think i better get some sleep. I have to go to school tomorrow for teh score A program. Yeah , every saturday . I better get smart when im attending this thing , or i'll saman you , score A . EHE . Now that i think about it , i have to attend school six days a week, which mean , only a day for rest. Phewwwwww-.-
Okey then , better get going . Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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