Hey Babyyyy :67:

Hee - ini En Amir , bodyguard me , iman and syilla when we went to B2ST showcase at KL Live aritu. Haha , he deserved a medal for be able to protect us , the girls without fail . Haha , saja promotemukadia. :P And yeah ,kami memang duduk atas lantai . Despite get the bestest seat and be able to sit , we sat on the floor . HAHA . Yeah ,kononnya dapat lagi dekat dengan B2st lah ! Haha , but actually we did , i saw them take off their close from backstage .I mean ,upper floor of the backstage . Haha , intai dari atas tangga-.-Amal, you such a pervv. LOL . And believe me , my eyes are satisfied with what i saw .
Aj arm muscle and Doojoon abs , is what you need to crave for. Haha.
Ok, enough with the past already,

Since school are just around the corner , lemme check all my study needs and preparation for SPM-candidate-to be. Gahhhhh

School uniform
Wild channel bag
Polkadotte pencil case
School badge
New black shoes

Im such a klutz .I dont even remember the important things that i need for my first day of school , on 2011. My health-.- I've been gettin down with cold .My cough wont stop. How can i go to school , at this rate ? LOL


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