Happy New Year babyy

Hey folks ,

HAPPY :100: YEAR ,

Bom bommm Ke-baboooommmmmmmm*fireworksss everywhere. :z:
Sungguh Happy sekarang ini , saat ni , saya sudah officially jadi seorang senior di SMK Putrajaya Precint 11(1).Bangga sungguh . Haha:face42:.
And and sempena meraikan tahun baru 2011 , my mom make a feast for her's kiddy kid daughter. Haha .Okey , sungguh lazat menjilat jari. My mom is always the best when its come toc ooking . Friggin-licious ouh . Haha . Nak tahu my mom masak apa? Nak tahu ?Nakk? Kalau tak nak jangan lanjutkan bacaan ini yea? Haha . Joking , but i only gonna show you the main course okeyy? Hee.
Kudos to my mom okey . Its so delicious--And and for desert , mom masak corn pudding . Sedap jugak.Haha.Of cozlah semua sedapkan? Kalau tak sedap,buat apa makan ? Thats the whole point of eating something . Its either edible or delicious//hungry ^^.

Hee , kalau hari-hari dapat makan sodap macam ni? Tak makan luar lah gamaknya . Haha , enuff with the food' .Now apa kata , kita usyar my new year 2011 wishes and needs.
Amal's New Year Resolution :133:
  • SPM result - passed with flying colors , macam rainbow.:86:
  • Less my addiction toward korean . Okey, although i know , i cant manage to do that.
  • Make reading and revision as a hobby ?-.-
  • Pay fully attention towards lesson
  • Make friends with a really really genius geek . So i can learn with him/her
  • K-Drama ?Oh no , gonna leave it for a year to passed. HAHA^^
  • Oh , hopefully i wont get a crush on some body and end up my heart getting broken - it will effect my learning .
  • Diet!! HAHA , semestinya . Badan membesar ni.
  • Study while have an awesome time enjoying myself. A geeky study is such a bored-ass.
  • Makan fruit banyak somy eyes getting better. Rabun meraba dah nii.HAHA

Okey , that's all my wishes. So, how aboout ya guys?


1 January =First day of New Year = Sungmin's birthdate

*i know i know , this picture is quite old. But this one is my fav . Just look at him eating like a babyy.* Happy birthday Sungminnie , may god bless ya ^^
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To Sungmin :)
Happy Birthday To You


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