Without Words

TEMERLOH , Bandar ikan patin , PAHANG :)
The image above belongg to my lovely D90 . Time Raya Haji haritu , malamnya kami- my family and cousinzz went for dinner at Steamboat House at Temerloh . Hell-yeah , it was exciting . Lama gile ott tak makan steamboat . Sesekalipekena , perggggggggghh, menjilat jari hah.

Having a wonderful and BLAST time digging out our fooddddddd.Yummyyyy~~

And the pic of four girls is we , the only girl nieces of the uncles and aunt there.Oh , Intan too :) She's aint there.But we still love ya , Intannnn.
Upper picture : Me with Pak Ngah and Mak Ngah
Below picture : Me with Pak Long and Mak Long
Cousin last forever - Syaza and Leeya
Uncles <3 Pak Ngah and Pak Cik
The Boysssssssssss :)

Mann ,im seriouslly too lazy to update anything . I just upload it-the pictures , and get itself a little caption , for you guys to understandd. Pfffttt-.- Plus , the internet connection was too slow , make me losing my interest to blogged.

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