Whatever you called it

Now , im terribly missing my bestfriend. Babe , when the hell are you going to update your blog . The last post of her's blog is about me. About how they are missing me and im missing you guys too <3 Iman ,hurry up and update your blog so i can know the current news about you guys ,keyh?

Ouh btw,you guys are so welcome to my house at Putrajayaa-having a slumber party with you guys  and spent our days together heavily with our packed schedule~

Oh yeah ,  pagi tadi saya dapat slip result final examination . Hollaaa. Ding Dang Ding Dang . I managed to excellently passed with not-so--flying-color. Setakat cukup cukup makan je. So, dari pertengahan tahun ,my position in the class is the 8th place.Now, zuppppppppp! increase to the 3rd place. And as for me , a newbies at Putrajaya school,i think i did greatttt job on getting fit here. I mean , now i can totally adapt to the learning method here and what so ever.Come on lah , the TEACHERS did an amazing job to educate me .And here i am , proudly to hold my slip and show it at everyone and say,

"Weyh , aku lulus exam . Gred purata aku meningkat .And aku even got the 3rd place in class"

Im not tryin to be POYO--,if that what you call it .But seriouslyy-Admit it , if you were me, you must be so surprise of yourself. I was like that too, like -
'Mana perginya Amalina yang bebal dulu tu'.Bwahaha. BUT my biggest enemy ever-i never hated something as much as i hate this thing- ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS.
Like wtf , apasal kau kena ada dalam hidup aku , DO? Kau buat aku bertambahlahhhhhhhhhh benganpnya.Hahaha.Pfft--. For this subject , i rest my case . This thing is soo friggin hard that i feel like to suicide whenever i saw the numbers and question on my test paper.But without it , my credit will just be so-so.My mom say ,wacchu gonna do with only ICT and Add Science as your additional subject.You got to take Addmath and do your best! .The same advisedi received every time i FLUNKED with flying color - the wicked test.YADAYADAYADA.Whatev.

And recently my KPOP update has became less and less eye-catching story.Blame me for my sux skill of updating or blame ME again for lost my interest in KPOP.Oh no , not that muchhy - just a lil bit .Maybe only 1% lost .KPOP is still my everything- HAHA.Nothing to worry since im a hardcore fans from the beginning .I mean,WHO CAN RESIST THOSE CUTIE-PIE? The boys and the girls of KPOP is still the bestt

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