What to do

What to do? Adoyy , exam alert . My head still isnt functioning rightly . Kena hantar repair , dia punye sistem FOCUS dah rosak . Asyik fikir nak main and be happy happy jea. Tapi , its not a crime to have fun . Its our youth extravagant time kann? Youth is all about having the fun Lately , i've been like soooo busyy and rarely set my eyes on the exercise book .Busy with others stuff such as girlfriends , boys and etc. lol.

Gahh , i wish the exam just dont exist . Blame China for the fault of the first country to have an exam (My History Teacher told me) Haha , Nahh , i dont blame anyone , blame myself for being such a butthead and lazy-pumpkin to study.

My pouting lips has appear , although i look quite UGLEHHH whenever im pout.Better for me to  binge on couple of fav songs- yeah again leaving my homework undone. Dont you hate homeworks? OMG , i totally despise them!But yet thinking .\

Imma Examination victim . That 'E' thing is stalking me.
Pfft -,- Dont you have better things to do , like DIE?  Heh , so my forhead dont sweat with panic alarm.
Ouh maybe better , i skip school during exam. Heehhh , why didnt i think of that huh ?

p/s: i thinki might skip school that day and went or shopping at Alamanda.  ROFL XD

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