Tutorial : Web Icon on Sidebar

Salam people ,
My intention today is to teach how to add web icon on the sidebar. Well , actually its a request from someone and since the step is too long and could give you a headache just by using IM to direct . Daripada saya ajarkan kat situ , tapi awak tak paham apa-apa , baik saya ajar gune tutorial jea. Haha So , i decide to post this so she/he can read . Haha , no intention to do-what so ever tutorial.--Or maybe i should
OK , on your mark , put your hand on the mouse and ready to have a blast reading.

  • First , download icon web anda di - sini . Since saya pun download dari situ , anda pun boleh tibai dari sana jugak.
  • Second , PASTIKAN anda ada web khas untuk photo-editing. eg : photobucket , tinypic and etc.(Kalau takde , create account yea ) Then , upload those picture.
  • Third , pergi ke Dashboard > Design > Edit Html > tick Expand Widget Templates
  • Then , tekan ctrl + f ,untuk cari kod  -- < /head >
  •  Code seterusnya diletakkan SEBELUM code head tadi.
< style type='text/css'>
a.linkopacity img {
-moz-opacity: 0.5;
opacity: 0.5;
-khtml-opacity: 0.5;}

a.linkopacity:hover img {
-moz-opacity: 1.0;
opacity: 1.0;
-khtml-opacity: 1.0; }
< /style>
  • save template , pastu pergi ke Design > Layout > Add gadget > HTML / javascript. Masukkan code di bawah 
< div style="display:scroll; position:fixed; top:80px; left:0px;">
< a class="linkopacity" href="Website URL" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">< img border ="0" src="Icon URL" />
Then code tadi di repeat paste if korang nak taruk ikon web yang lain .Edit pada-Icon URL & Website URL dan tekan save.Kedudukan korang boleh change sama ada nak left or right side. jgn lupa type line breaking code before nak post different icon .So , icon tu akan berada dalam keadaan melintang.
 Done ! Try and view boleh ke tak .

Copyright by Amalina Mursiedy