MY birthdayyy

hey people ,
 Ouh semalam 3rd October 2010 , is my happiest day . Guess what ? Bo-hoo , no need . Dah terang terang saya tulis dekat title tu , takkan tak paham-paham lagi. Hahah , Ouh saya post one day late tau , sorry XD Semalam lepas party at Neyna Hse , penat gylerrr terus balik pengsan atas katil. LOL

My birthday cake . Already make my wish before blow the candle <3

Ouhhh my lovely family , next to me is my cousin - Abg Tajul's  fiancee which mean my cousin-in-law-to-be. Next to her is my mommy and down there is my neyna XD

She is great , and i love her , Kak Faraa :) Isnt she is too skinny ? LOL , But i like her body too .

Siblingggggs :B She is the most annoying girl i ever met  -like extravagant friggin loud and annoys me everytime . Hahaha.Weyh ,budak, hadiah aku mana? Kedekut punya adek, merajuk ngan kau ahhhhhh!~

Me with my cuzzz , Fakhrul Ariff.I called him CIK . I mean , everybody call him that , its like our nicknames .And and mine is NANA . LOL Ouh , btw , cousin saya yang sorang ni sgt kedekut la awak , saya mintak hadiah dia tanak kasi. And i was asking him why dia tak bawak awek dia and his answer was unexpected but at the same time , it gives me goose bumps. Dia answer' buat apa nak bawak dia , nana kan adakat sini.' EWWWWW , stay away cuzzie.Hahah

 And here is me with Alan <3 . OUH , cancel the heart shaped , he's taken already . LOL . He is my gossip partner -a cute one . Kan? haha I love him jugak !~ Whee - dont worry , he knows that already :) Ouh when we first met at neyna's smlm,he was like smiled so brightly and say Amal~ All loud , Kyaaahahah , miss him and glad to meet him again  and if you guys are wondering about our first met , click Here

p/s:To my dongsaengg(s) yang nak amik PMR , wish you all the lucks . XD Hwaiting ! Kalau anybody yang dapat straight A's  , sys belanja . Bwahahaha

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