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I opened my facebook account just now , and get a note from my pretty systa , BIHA ♥♥ asking me to do her tag . And since im bored to death , hell yeah--lets do it.

Put your music player on shuffle. Click -Next Song- for every question and write it down.

Wait ,  issit FT ISLAND song ? Wokeeyy-i have plenty on my list , so bring it on !

1, How do you feel right now?
After love ♥

2, What do you think about your bias?
Love sick . LOL

3, How does your bias see you?
Bad Girl

4, Will you get a chance to meet your bias?
Missing You

5, Your bias true face is actually?
Bing Bing Bing

6, When/where/how will you meet your bias if you have a chance?
Still As Ever [ YAB ]

7, What will you do if your bias says he/she likes you?
Like A doll. LOL

8, Ur bias loves you. You got anti-fans. So what do you think?
What Can I Do? Lol , oori FT ISLAND fans , Eottokajjo? Oppa already love me lahhh

9, Will you get married with your bias?
Flower Rock -__-

10, What will your bias plan to do with you after all?
Love Love Love . Yipeeeeeeeeeee

11, What song describes your "fan-girl/boy" life?
Fool . Bwahaha , Sorry XD

12, To describe FT Island?
I knew From First Sight

13, What does Jae Jin think of you?
Marry Me

14, What does Hong Ki think of you?
Moonlight Angel . Wahhhh , oppa , jinja?

15, What does Seung Hyun think of you?

16, What does Jong Hun think of you?
Crazily looking At You *blushing

17, What does Min Hwan think of you?
Baby Love

18, What does Won Bin think of you?
I hope

19, How can they make you happy?
Lie . Oh , ANDWAEE . Dont ever lie to me oppas

20, Why do you love them?
Trouble maker . Hahah , i love you guys becoz of that.

21, Will you ever change your heart?
Even for 1 Minute and 1 Second - i will never ever

22, Let's end this dream. But I hope you can do this with your bias in real life ?
Send Awayy

Last but not least. The theme song for the story between you and your bias =))?
You'll be in my heart .

Ececececehh , hangan-hangan tahik hayam jea ni!

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