Here are some detail for has happened and what i've been doing for the past one week i didnt online .

  • On Monday i have Bahasa Malaysia test.For peper 2 - i did an essay with 400 words
  • When i get back home, i started snoring untill 4 o'clock-.-
  • Tuesday , i think i did an excellent work on my English test
  • My finger getting sore because i held a pen for more than 2 hours to do my essay
  • My Aunty came from Penang-i skip my schedule to study Agama because we all having our dinner at Sabak Restaurant , Cyberjaya
  • Having my horrible day ever- cant make it , the Sejarah paper on Friday is too hard.Im really bad at memorizing all the fact , the date  or the incident happen on my History text book.
  • Today,mommy off to Penang - having meeting , i guess. And im bored
 Plus ,im deadly hungry rite nowwww
Signing off, Amal

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