Taggie Survey

Heyy Dude , and Beybehh too :)
Wah wahh , saya dapat survey . Lama tak buad . Thanks Aimi for this awesome survey . Finally , bolehlah saya release tension dengan buad benda2 ni  Haha , kepala otak dah sesak dengan banyak kejadah yang ntah pape tuu. Ouh , did i mention , The Copycats make her blog's private . Tak nak kasik saya masuk tengok lerr tu , Hee , Awak kena Bash dengan org ke ? Harap tak .Err.. Actually , haha , ye , saya harap awak kena Bash . Saya kan evil ? LOL

Anyway , back to the surveyy . Lets dot it onn --

1. List your top 5 male group.
  whaddaff? Saya ada banyak lah awak :)
-Super Junior

2. List your top 5 female group.
-Brown Eye Girls
-Gp Basic

3. Tick your new fav group 2010.
[✓] Infinite
[✓] Teen Top
[✓] Dalmatian
[ ] 20Star
[✓] Miss A
[✓] Sistar
[ ] Girl's Day
[ ] B.Dolls
[ ] F1rst
[✓] Co-ed
[✓] GP Basic
[ ] Nine Muses
[ ] Chocolate
[ ] Rania

4. Best voice of male artists.
-Lee Hongki

5. Best voice of female artists.
-This one we are the same , Aimi. Younha

6. List your top 5 male solo artist.
-Mc Mong
-Cheong Lim
-Kyuhyun SUJU

7. List your top 5 female solo artist.
-Son dan bi
-Lee Hyori
-Jiyeon T-ara

8. Your current kdrama watching?
-My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
-King of Baker , Kim Takgu
-Playful Kiss

9. Your current fav songs. *not more than 10
-Dalmatian Round 1
-Mc Mong Sick enough to die
-Trax Oh My goodness
-FTIsland love love love
-Younha it can be
-BoA Hurricane Venus
-2pm - SPRIS

10. Since when you start being in kpop fandom?
-Since ever . Nahh kidding XD Since late year 2008 :)

11. How you get attached to kpop fandom?
-Friend influence
-Hot Boys alert
-Comedy-sweet relationship in every variety show .

12. Who was the first korean group/artist that you know on that time?
-obviously its Super Junior . Its their prime time back then . Sorry sorry
-And Shinee too :)

13. Tag this post to:
-who want it.
-whoever find this tag is interesting
-whoever feeling bored
-KPOP addict

But before nak buat tag ni , inform lah saya dulu , supaya saya boleh usyarr awak punye blog , okey?

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