Greetings babe,
Ouh i need a pair of SPRIS like right now . Im so into it. Really !-haha i can see ya clueless face saying like .What the hell SPRIS is .HOHO.
Its this thing, This cool awesome thing-shoe .Gawd ,  - i want it so badly. Want it want it wannnnnttt it ! Got it?! Haha .Silly and please ignore this crap. Shessssh --i've been talking like rubbish this lately . LMAO
Anyway , Nichkun shoe will be my target fer now .  NK  shoe is probably the best . Haha , Sorry -Biased attacked XD  Didnt mean that the rest is bad .But Chansung punye pon boleh juge . Its cute . Te-hee .
Maknae Shoe or Prince Thailand's shoe? Both ? Can i? ROFL


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