I've been stressing my hair out these day . Here are some reasons , why :-

  • My school is far away and i found it so hard to travel back and forth everyday. Sigh.
  • I've been surrounded my OTAKU- a manga geeks ( in case you haven't heard , manga is comic). My conversation with them consist of anime character and what-so ever
  • I found a Kpop buddy , but i can bring myself to talk about our fav issue with her. She is just to..dull.
  • I think people found me weird . No , probably not . Just because i talked so much , dosent mean im weird , am i? Im just having a lil bit friendly chitchat
  • My friend get all over the moon whenever someone praised him/her so much . Its annoying
  • I just dont have the time to be a maid at my own house. Yeah , it is the fact that my room can be the rubbish disposal.Haishh.

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