Evening folks,
I'm practically half asleep. Head on pillow , this close to have a little puddle of drool next to my mouth.That's what happened when im beyond exhausted and bored . Repeat - exhausted and bored . But now , im more to bored .

Usually ,  right now , i have at least a friend to accompany me . I dont know - on the phone , im or etc . And i will manage to launch into a breathless soliloquy  , exposing all my nonsense crap to her/him . Now , im just a pathetic lonely-o-person. Maybe i should force myself to 'mingle'(i.e. observe) for a new friend or better yet , a perfectly prince charming that can be my beau .Huh -.- .I WISH!

But seriously , maybe - just maybe i could found someone that can be my passport to something more cooler or awesomer.  But , alas , as i thot  , Amal , this aint a fairytale. Haha . You got that right. Okay , enough with all this lonely pathetic whinning . LOL

Yes -- its almost 30th of September , i mean tomorrow. Im going to the mall with my crazy Putrajaya friends to celebrate our friend Darsh grand birthday party.And and i felt like a pathetic loser right now , for not being at Shah Alam and celebrate my Best Friend , Asyillah Birthday.More than anything in the world , i want to be there everytime each of my girls celebrating their birthday. My sincerely apology babe , for not be able to be there on your sweet sixteen. Maybe nest year?LOL , Insyaallah , okey?

XOXO , Amal

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