Hello Peeps,

Hey peeps, meet the new group , DALMATIAN. 
bow wow wow la la la bow wow wow Dalmatian is ready for the world!  ~
ahhhh~ Seriously , this boys are killing me with their aegyo.This guys are way way cute than elmo or David Archuleta . ROFL . When i first saw them , i was like .Whatt? Another manly and beastly idol?But my prediction was out of the frame . They are so cute and dancing cheerfully.

 The last picture is Young Won or his zillion times much cooler real name- Lee Dongrim. Too bad he isnt the maknae. Drama is the maknae. Yeah , you hear me right. The maknae name is Drama :) I think he is the one in the first picture. The orange sweater guy.You got to experience their cuteness XD .Its SOS time fer the girls . LOL
Check it out Here :)

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