Bow wow wow

Im so addicyed to DALMATIAN right now . Especially my other half of them - Drama and Youngwon <3 Ouh ouh , i want them ,pleaseeeeeee?Bo--hoo , get it yourself , Amal :) Te--heee . Im sure they will become a big hit in korea and will make their Asia tour or something . Just gonna wait for that lol. Ouh yeah , now that i noticed , their digital single is about their life before debut . What they have been thru over 6 years undertheir company. And and they just perfect as other kpop idol despite they just a newbies.  Im soo in love with them, HAHA.

Let's start it round 1. My dream that I’ve dreamt of, me standing on the shining stage is my dream.
Now I can feel like I’m breathing, you and I. It’s time to feel the love. (Dalmatian!)

This is one of Drama line . And its so cute plus meaningful. Ouh Drama , nobody cant resist you , we will love you<3

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