Accident without Alarm

Greetings human--
This morning , my mom banged my door so hard -said that i need to bath quickly because im going to take a cab fer school today. She said our pathetic loser driver quit his job . He found a new job , A better one maybe? Who knows and who cares .Still , you totally have no loyalty to us , young driver . You said you would serve us as our home driver until we get a new driver to replace ya , remember? Well , i guess , you are not the kind of man that stick to his word , huh?
Anyway , drop the subject about that man .I dont want to be over judge-mental , even tho i am. LMAO. Yeah , after i take my bath , i quickly put on my uniform .And my hand accidentally touched my cream hair on the dressing table. I was like eeeewwwww -- get off of my hand.
I mean , you know typical hair cream-it feels sticky and it smells like cherry. While my other hand holds on to my handphone , i washed my left hand that got the hair cream. And you know what? Before i turn off the water , my precious baby hand phone droppes and plupp-- it went into the water that flows just  like a lava out the volcano - .- OMG , SOS time , im so desperately looking for a towel to dry out the water. 
That moment , my phone already went black out . I started to get panicked and whimpered all over for somebody to check my phone. Hair dryer is on my side. It dries out my phone and wall-ah the phone is okay . But the reaction quite slow. i wonder why? Haishh. Lucky me -- for get to have my phone back to normal again

Copyright by Amalina Mursiedy