Too many and cant take it no more.

Hello Howls.
According to this above title , yeah , i finally realize that KPOP entertainment has become like OVER-LOADED these days. Many rookies idol born and i just dont know who is who no more. Haha , Pathetic? Yeah , blame the producer for introducing the new stars. Just like i just found out about B-dolls the new girl group.Thanks for trusted source. Haha , i got to know these girls.
 And i just found out recently , there's gonna be a boy idol group AGAIN-___-" ,I THINK , the new group concept fer the debut stage is like typical idol group , black outfit with abs and muscle showing. LOL . But i cant quite saw their face , its like been covered with bluri-ng effects.Hahah , Anyway ,Yeah , the group is called ,Dalmation . I think its quite a cool name kowd? Got a manly vibes there.
 And recently , the JYPE held an audition to recruit some new teens  . Maybe to form a new group , aite?I think it will suffocated more the KPOP industry , But just the fact that they got the same company as 2PM , 2AM , WONDER GIRLS and MISS A . It just awesome to imagine it.Gawshh ,i wish JYP choose me.:)
And the new band idol called CO-ED going tom ake their debut stage  around august rite?


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