Shoe .

This afternoon i went to ShahAlam . Yea , not to my house , but to the mall . As my mom decided to go to the Shah Alam City Center or whatever (SACC Mall) , i decided to like roaming around since Sacc is like used to be my hang-out station . Firstly , when i arrived i just rushed to MPH Bookstore just to check my manga comic update . I dont knoe , maybe new manga i havent read yet sell there XD. But unfortunately , no . all the mangas there i have read. PO-HOOOO. Haha . And then , i get to my mom again . Feeling borednot doing anything . My mom wanted to buy me a new blouse for Eve Day . But i just dont want it . My mother taste in fashion and me is like way wayyyyyy far . I dont want me to be called like a flabby autyyy. Hahah. But sometimes , she know what a teenage girl like me want in fashion . She buys me a lot of cute goodies and stuff . And lastly , my mom take me into this one outfit shop . Yeah , they sell shoes and handbag too . Even bras. LOL.Okey i triedthis one loose brown blouse . It has like a tiny pocket infront and quite a long blouse. Its down to my knees . And i decided to buy it . Actually , my mom buy it. Me , just choose and try. The money source is from my mother. Haha . And when i tried theblouse , suddenly my mom asked me to try on this heels.

OMG . Like how high those heels are . You know how high it is. Hahah , still i lovvvvvvveeeeee it . Its like so cute and seems fashoinable. It fit on my age . Haha , and yet here we go againnnn . My mom bought it for me . And when the cashier tagged on the price with their prize scanner (?) my eyes went like 0.0 . Hahah . 150+ . Mann , issit worth it? Then i just zipped my mouth . I dont believe it . 150? My mom should just give me the money so i can stop save my money for the SUPER SHOW 3 . LOL. Anywayyy mom , I LAP YOUUUUU . Thanks fer the shoe.


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