ouhkey , i finally found some entertainment to watch for . Yeah its called IDOL MAID by B2ST.This show is friggin awesome. LOL . watch it okey?

okey , now im going to say my regrets to my dearly good friend , Marina.Mars , im sorry for not to be able to attend your birthday. You know that im like' im-going-to-go-no-metter-what-even-i-will-die' right? Bcoz you know , if i was there , i will not miss it . NVM. letter we celebrate okey . Because i will make it up to you like last year, huh? Remember , me , you , iman and asyilla have our lunch together and its on my treat? Later , i will do that again . Hhaha , or maybe i can buy you some cool gift.Okey and yeah , i think you and those fellow boys and girls have some rocka party right? Anyway , happy belated birthday party eventho it wasnt belated. Hahah.
Sincerly loving you from hundreds miles away , Amal.

Yeah , since start speaking about my old time , ouh i wish time could go back so i can be there with them again.Why why whyy do we have always to-be apart. Anyway , that wouldnt make our friendship lose up a bit. Kan guys? I miss and love you like hella crazy. I miss you , I man , Marina , Asyilla , Nini , Eza , Hada , Zaf , Puteri , Paktam too and his twins Helmi. Err i mean his triplets sibl ,Putera . I hope everything goes well. And yeah , others too. I miss them like hella. Amir Afif , blah blahhh blahhh and etc. You know what i mean , you guys are my soul mate. You should
understand me better kan. So , yeah , IMISSYOULIKEFRIGGINCRAZY.

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