Omona !

okeyy , the guy sumpah hot . But why , its him? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Arghhh.Have you guys heard of this one Taiwanese drama called It started with a Kiss or They kiss Again . Alaaa , yang Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng blakon tueeee. Haha , Now , diorang adapt in Korean version , title Playful Kiss. And the worst , the main heroes is him , who used to be the hottest Ji-Hoo sunbae-nim. Yeah , Its Kim Hyun Joong . Nooooooooooo! I dont want it . I dont want him to get married to the girl eventho its only a drama . *Married? Yeah the taiwan version they got married. I would kill the girl if she lay a finger on my Joongie. Hahah , Dramatic much ? Pffffttt -____________- "! .
Anyway , its too late now . The drama will air its first episode on September first. Huh !

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