My little sister wedding

okey , this is the most shocking news ever. Okey okey take a deep breath and scream Argggggggghhhh!
My sister is going to get married soon . What do i do? Incase you find my word is silly and nonsense , believe me its not. Haha , okey not in as my real sister . My little hunny bunch sister , Mei Qi . Yes she is a chinese . And imma her sister . As in big sister , although we are on the same age , *funny , yeah its our thingy.Dont mind to understand.Lol . Err not . This is not a lol time . Im having my breathing difficulties. I mean , sixteen ? Marriage? Whatttt?!! Hurm , okey okey im showing you my evidence.
jiejie means ' older sister' and i called her mei mei as it means as adik. Okeyy ,when i first read this i just laughed . Because yeah , we always make some silly and not real stuff . But i check to Eddy's profile which is her future husband and my soon brother in law kan . And i think that news might be true kan? Hurmmm , sayy . im totally speechless rite now . And suddenly i remembered i put mu phone off . I switch on my phone and like few minutes later i received this text message from nadia hairani , my best friend in melacca. And she told me to come next saturday at the hotel for my sister wedding .Did you get it ? A wedding .I bet she is telling me the truth . Gawddddd .Nadia told me to come , she and maziatul will be there. Or to be mei qi maid of honour. I think. Mei qi , in any case , congrats. Butt Darn , mei mei . i know you , i know you are a good person and a sweet child , but why did you get pregnant? I mean , you know , we are still young and immature yet. Yet , i know you are totally opposites of me . I mean , from our physicals , skin tones and our religions . But i love you and you are my sister.If this is the best for you and eddy life , go ahead . I will support you okey. Incase i couldnt come to your wedding , sorry

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